The Best Way to Manage Your Website’s Content

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Content Management

The Best Way to Manage Your Website’s Content

Workflow in OU Campus

hand holding a briefcaseWhat’s going on behind the scenes with your website? That’s what the Workflow Gadget in our OU Campus web content management system (CMS) is designed to track. With workflow, your content contributors can create, revise, and delete content, then submit it for approval and publication.

The workflow process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create Access Settings. Access settings in OU Campus identify who can make changes to a file, directory, site, asset, or other item in the CMS. You assign access to a specific group, making it easy to give access to multiple users at the same time. Assigning access gives you control over who can make changes to content.

  2. Assign Workflows. There are several settings in OU Campus that allow you to determine who reviews content and has permission to publish it to your website. Non-admins can be assigned an approver. Inside a workflow, approvers have the option to reassign submitted content to another user for approval if needed.

  3. Assess Workflows. The Workflow Gadget on the OU Campus dashboard makes it easy to see the entire workflow history of each page on your website, from items sent to other users for approval to items awaiting feedback. You can also view the message history and compose messages within the gadget.


Content management has never been easier. Check out other OU Campus gadgets and features in action on our Product page.

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