Writing Content for Your College or University Website

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Writing Content for Your College or University Website

inverted 3-part triangleThere is a simple way to advise content contributors about writing content for your school’s website: Go with the Flow.

The “flow” is how you arrange the information in your content. There are three different sections:

LEAD: In the journalism world, it is standard to always start with a lead: the most important information about your topic is presented first. There are exceptions, such as feature stories about students with compelling introductions that grab the reader, but if you want to get information to readers as fast as possible, always start with a lead. Keep in mind that most web experts estimate that you have only 15 seconds to grab your reader before they leave a web page—uber marketers give you only 7 seconds to educate a new visitor. 

BODY: If your reader is intrigued enough to move from the lead to body copy, you will want to provide supporting details that explain the lead. This is your chance to engage the reader with descriptions and information indirectly related to the lead. You can also use this part of your copy to make sure your marketing goals are being conveyed.

TAIL: Not every blog or article needs a tail, but if you have provided the reader with a lot of body copy, a tail gives you the chance to reiterate your lead and summarize the topic.

content flow process


Content is just one of the many pieces of designing and implementing a successful website. To learn more about evaluating your content and its crucial role in website redesign, download our latest white paper, Website Audit: Cleaning Up Your Content Before a Redesign.

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