11 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a CMS

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11 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a CMS

hands holding question marksPurchasing a content management system (CMS) for your college or university website is an expensive, long-term investment. If you are getting ready to undergo the selection process as you embark on a website design, these questions can be helpful in narrowing down your choices:

  1. Is the CMS designed specifically for higher education?
  2. Does the CMS come with tools and features to help you migrate thousands of pages of content from your old design?
  3. Do you have to know how to code to make changes to web pages in the CMS?
  4. Does the CMS include a comprehensive search engine, or will you have to make a separate purchase?
  5. Does the CMS include tools to ensure that your web pages are accessible?
  6. Is the CMS scalable so that it integrates well with other add-ons and systems?
  7. Where do you go if you have a question about the CMS? Is help available through customer support or detailed documentation?
  8. How complicated is the implementation process, especially if a redesign is involved?
  9. Is the CMS secure?
  10. Are updates automatic, or will you have to manually install updates and patches?
  11. Is the CMS easy for non-technical users to navigate, or will you need intense training sessions to get your team up to speed?

If you’re not sure that the CMS you are investigating can do everything you want, learn more about how to evaluate a CMS by downloading our white paper Choosing a Web CMS: Laying the Foundation for a Redesign.

Download white paper

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