Can a CMS Make Your Job Easier?

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Web Design, Content Management

Can a CMS Make Your Job Easier?

2019 goals conceptIs redesigning your college or university website one of your New Year’s resolutions? How about automating tasks to free your time for more important duties? If yes, then maybe implementing a new web content management system (CMS) should be a resolution, too. A good CMS will have features and tools for simplifying website management.

Whether you are a college or university administrator, marketer, IT professional, web developer, or website content contributor, consider the following ways you can maximize a CMS and simplify your job:

  1. Enforce accessibility. The last thing you want in the new year is a letter from the OCR, especially after you’ve gone through a redesign. A good CMS can enforce accessibility compliance as mandated by the Office of Civil Rights prior to page publication.

  2. Automate workflow. Review and approve content updates on your new site with ease by using the multi-stage workflow that comes with a good CMS. This prevents any lag in publishing, so site visitors get the information they need in a timely manner.

  3. Stop updating security patches manually. Manually updating and adding patches is time-consuming and risky. Invest in a CMS that will automatically update with each new release, so your system is never left vulnerable to attacks.

  4. Get integrated. You’d be surprised how much time you waste with work-arounds and other fixes for systems that are not compatible. Maybe it’s time to implement a CMS with comprehensive APIs that allow quick and easy integrations.

  5. Make editing easy. Users shouldn’t have to know how to code to make changes to your website. With a one-click access CMS, you and your content contributors can create and manage digital content with easy-to-use features like in-context WYSIWYG editing and drag-and-drop tools.

  6. Have data at your fingertips. Nothing is more frustrating than being asked to pull a report about your site’s performance and having to spend days getting the right information together. A good CMS integrates with Google Analytics and your social channel analytics so that you have pertinent data at your fingertips.

Make the best decision of the year by exploring a content management system that will help you simplify and streamline tasks to maximize your new web presence. Begin by downloading our latest white paper, Choosing a Web CMS: Laying the Foundation for a Redesign.

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