OmniUpdate and Destiny Solutions Are Now One Company Serving Higher Ed

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OmniUpdate and Destiny Solutions Are Now One Company Serving Higher Ed

The Merger Means More Digital Engagement Opportunities for Your School!

We’re excited to announce our merger with Destiny Solutions, a leading student lifecycle management solution provider for non-traditional higher education.


What does this mean for OmniUpdate customers?

Behind every great website is a great CMS, but behind every great college or university is a suite of systems that understands how to attract and enroll students and help achieve institutional growth goals. With OmniUpdate and Destiny Solutions:

  1.  You now have a partner offering higher ed’s first cloud-based, end-to-end student digital engagement platform—all available from one company. Together, we can take you from top of the funnel marketing (prospective students visiting a college website) through enrollment, payment processing, course selection, student engagement, badges and certificates, and so on.

  2.  There’s no need to shop multiple companies and multiple products. You have the most innovative and comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions in the higher education market at your fingertips—all backed by superior customer service. These include, but are not limited to:

       •  Website Content Management
       •  Online Course and Faculty Profile Management
       •  Email and Social Media Marketing
       •  Blog and Calendar Management
       •  Web Accessibility Compliance

       •  Student Lifecycle Management
       •  Curriculum Management
       •  Payment Processing
       •  Non-Credit and Credit-Bearing Certification Granting
       •  Real-Time Reporting
       •  Business Intelligence

  3.  You now join a network of 100,000+ higher education professionals from over 450 college and university customers using OmniUpdate and Destiny Solutions products daily. Your access to intellectual capital has just increased—not to mention your professional network!

  4.  You now have access to products in the non-traditional education markets of continuing ed, workforce development, and the like. Enrollment growth is a key metric for most colleges today. In a market where the traditional student population is shrinking, you need systems that understand how to attract and enroll both traditional and non-traditional students—especially in coming years as education evolves to address the crises of skilled labor and affordability.

  5.  You have peace of mind knowing that the OU Campus product roadmap will not deviate from its current path—it will still be the same CMS you know and trust.

  6.  You have access to our extensive network of partner relationships to help you do your job better, faster, and effectively. If we can’t do it, we have a partner who can—with products that integrate easily with ours.

“We are thrilled to merge with Destiny Solutions to provide an even more comprehensive product portfolio to our joint customers,” said OmniUpdate CEO Lance Merker. “Destiny has an extensive suite of student lifecycle products that enable higher education institutions to engage their learners as customers and to operate like world-class businesses. Destiny is renowned for its product quality, professional services, and customer support, facilitating quick results for its partner institutions and making the company a natural cultural fit with OmniUpdate.”

“We are delighted to join forces with OmniUpdate,” said Peter DeVries, President of Destiny Solutions. “OmniUpdate has built higher education’s leading web content management solution and has an unparalleled reputation for innovation and customer support. As a combined entity, we have an exciting opportunity to accelerate growth and help our customers drive strategic outcomes for their institutions.”

The merged entity will operate from its current offices in the US and Canada, with headquarters in Camarillo, California. Lance Merker, previously CEO and co-founder of OmniUpdate will assume the role of CEO of the merged entity, which brings together more than 150 employees with deep experience focusing solely on higher education clients. “This is an exciting development that ultimately benefits our customers," Lance said. "With OmniUpdate and Destiny Solutions on your side, we can do great things together.”

Questions? Contact your OmniUpdate account director or email

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