Factoring Implementation into the CMS Selection Equation

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Factoring Implementation into the CMS Selection Equation

math equationPrice, customer service, vendor responsiveness, and transition time all play a role in selecting the right content management system (CMS) for your school. However, to really compare one CMS to another, think ahead to implementation. For instance, how does the CMS you are considering hold up during content migration, one of the most crucial steps in moving to a new system, especially if you are redesigning your school’s website?

With the proposed CMS in mind, think through each of the following areas in a CMS implementation roadmap.

  • Discovery process: This is when you need to consider everything that will happen during a CMS implementation. Does your CMS have a customer support team to walk you through this process?

  • Development environment: Are you hosting your system on campus-based servers or in the cloud? Which works best for your proposed CMS?

  • Content quality and structure: Are you planning to clean up your content before migrating it to the new CMS? Doing so can speed up the process and help ensure that all information on your website is up to date.

  • Launch support: Are you on your own, or have you invested in a CMS that includes on-call support as your site goes live?

  • Training users: You’ll want to provide hands-on sessions for your content contributors as well as easy-to-follow instructional videos and guides. Does the CMS have training support? 

If you are in the process of evaluating a new CMS, particularly during a website redesign, our latest white paper Choosing a Web CMS: Laying the Foundation for a Redesign can guide you through the journey of choosing a system and partner that’s right for your college or university.

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