OUTC19: How These Presenters Are Focusing on YOU

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OUTC19: How These Presenters Are Focusing on YOU

OUTC19 logoOnly 1 month until the 2019 OmniUpdate User Training Conference (OUTC19)! This year the entire conference focuses on you! We asked several presenters how the information they plan to share will help you do your job quicker and more effectively.

“Google Lighthouse has been amazing in helping us improve our website. I’m excited to share how easy it is to use so that your school can benefit from this tool as well.”

Joe D’Agostino, Director, Web Communications, Stockton University
Session: Using Google Lighthouse to Find a Faster Website

“Managing a website can be stressful. My presentation provides simple techniques that make content management feel less stressful no matter what size of marketing team you have.”

Racheal Frank, Chief Strategy Officer and Creative Lead, Gravity Switch
Session: Mastering Content Management: Making Technology Part of the Team

“What are the biggest questions in admissions and higher ed? I’ll address these and give you answers!”

Caroline Roberts, Content Strategist, iFactory
Session: Unlocking Your Keywords: Finding Phrases and Using Them Wisely

“If you are like me, you spend a lot of time looking at other university websites and wondering, ‘How did they get to these design decisions?’ I’ll share the behind-the-scenes work that my university digital team did in designing our website.”

Christina Olivas, Digital Director, San Jose State University
Session: Audits and Inventories: How to Mise en Place Your Website Redesign

“We all love tips that make our jobs easier. I’ll share real-world examples that you can take back to your school and try out right away!”

Megan Ross, Digital Services Coordinator, Michigan Technological University
Session: Training CMS Users in a Decentralized Environment

“Just about any profession is driven to do more and show results for everything. Higher education is no different. Higher ed websites must perform and we can measure many outcomes. I can't wait to discuss my process of building the data-driven culture to help you reach your goals with your higher education website and digital marketing strategy.” 

Christoph Trappe, Chief Content Engagement Director, Stamats
Session: How to Create a Culture of Data-Driven Decisions

“What I am most excited to share in my session is how incredibly easy it is to make your digital documents accessible on the front end and how, once you get the hang of it, it just becomes second nature.”

Kelly Bostick, Assistant Director of Training and Support, University of Arkansas
Session: 3 Easy Steps to Digital Content Accessibility

“The content inventory sheet has helped our small web team keep migration projects on track and improve the architecture of our website. I have gotten some great ideas from other schools at OUTC presentations so I'm hoping that my presentation will be just as helpful to you in dealing with migration and site architecture.”

Laura Lehman, Project Manager and Web Strategist, Eastern Mennonite University
Session: That Sheet’s Amazing: Using Content Inventories for Redesign, Migration, and Quality Control

“I look forward to sharing what I have learned so far in my journey to bringing our website into closer compliance with accessibility standards. In particular, I hope to facilitate engaging discussion as we share ideas and encourage each other through the process of advocating for web accessibility on our campuses. I always come away from OmniUpdate conferences encouraged, refreshed, and re-energized after learning and sharing with colleagues working in similar roles in other colleges and universities!”

Rebekah Wright, Assistant Director for Digital Marketing, Southwest Baptist University
Session: Creating Accessible Documents 101

“I will share tips that I have picked up to produce engaging content through tried and true processes that create a cycle of solid content development.”

Matt Herzberger, Executive Consultant, Digital Marketing Services, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Session: Build a Model for Effective Content Production

“I'm excited to give you ideas on how to involve your campus with building the website without involving your campus—if you catch my drift!”

Brian Johnson, Web Services Manager, Tacoma Community College
Session: Communication: The Key for a Successful Website Project

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