Top 11 Reasons to Attend OUTC19

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Top 11 Reasons to Attend OUTC19

OUTC19 logoIn planning the 2019 OmniUpdate User Training Conference (OUTC19), we thought long and hard about the theme we wanted to convey and the ultimate purpose of the event. We knew we wanted to tailor workshops and presentations around you.

How can OU Campus help you do your job better?

What do you hope to get from OUTC19?

The conference will still feature all the new and exciting features of OU Campus, but our perspective will be Focusing on yOU.

Following are the top 11 reasons to attend a conference, and specifically, why attending OUTC19 is so important:

1. Learn new skills to help you do your job quicker and easier.

The new OU Campus Components feature has users doing amazing things with their websites. During the Design, Develop, and Implement for OU Campus Components session with Daniel Niemann from West Valley College, learn about a component-driven approach to design, development, and ground-up implementation.

2. Discover new strategies for approaching your work.

During Give People Strategy and Process, Not Just CMS Templates, get schooled by David Poteet from NewCity in new ways to motivate, teach, and shape your users into a dynamic team of website contributors.

3. Have fun!

Can you say In-N-Out? This classic California fare will be waiting for you at the Sunday evening reception after you check in. Grab a burger and get to know your fellow attendees.

4. Rejuvenate your interest and pull yourself out of a career slump.

We all have those days when we question our work. In How to Create a Culture of Data-Driven Decisions with Christoph Trappe from Stamats, you’ll rediscover the reasons why you do things the way you do.

5. Establish professional relationships with peers from across the country.

Join us Monday night for a rooftop dinner party at The Fifth Rooftop Restaurant & Bar. You’ll have the chance to get to know your colleagues in an informal, fun setting while enjoying delicious food, a signature surprise OUTC drink, and gorgeous views of the city from this rooftop bar.

OUTC happy attendees

6. Get motivated to take on a new project.

A website redesign sounds daunting, but Phil Pelanne from NewCity will walk through a basic timeline and strategies for a pain-free launch in Countdown to Launch: Even Astronauts Need a Checklist.

7. Stay abreast of the latest techniques, research, and technologies that affect your field.

Learn what high school juniors and seniors look for when visiting a college website. Stephanie Geyer, the data guru behind the E-Expectations Trend Report series, will discuss practical solutions to help you improve your student recruitment efforts during the session E-Expectations: Findings and Implications for Your Website.

8. Move beyond procrastinating to having the confidence to tackle your biggest challenges at work.

Accessibility. Ughh… No more procrastinating. It’s time to get all your contributors on board. Norma Stary Campbell from the Fashion Institute of Technology will teach you how to do just that in Web Accessibility Training Plan for Content Contributors.

9. Stretch your knowledge by learning beyond your expertise or field of interest.

You don’t have to know XML to manage your school’s website, but the XML and XSL: From the Ground Up workshop is your chance to delve into the basic concepts so that you can converse with programmers at the coffee pot.

10. Contemplate ideas and collaborate on challenges.

You don’t have to be a programmer to participate in the Hackathon. On Wednesday night, we’ll break into teams and compete to see which one can create the best new gadget or tool for OU Campus.

11. Share content learned with peers back home and enhance your visibility and name recognition among peers.

Sharing on social media gives you a chance to connect peers back at the office with information. It also gives you a chance to connect and gain visibility about the OU Campus user community. Follow @OmniUpdate, #OUTC19.

Register for OUTC19 today!

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