Top 7 College Admissions Recruiting Trends

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Top 7 College Admissions Recruiting Trends

catching people in a netNew year, new game plan for recruiting prospective students to your campus. Understanding recruitment trends can help you better shape your marketing campaigns for the new year.

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  1. It comes as no surprise: Student demographics are changing, with more low-income and first-generation students going to college than ever before. Rural students are also getting more attention. This contrasts the finding that less-advantaged students are more likely to believe that they are not college material.

  2. Online reviews by peers are very important in influencing college decisions, according to 58% of students. A whopping 70% of students think colleges should update their digital strategies.

  3. Forty percent of admissions officers visited applicants’ social media pages as part of the consideration process.

  4. Some schools are encouraging social media connections to promote relationships and engage students.

  5. Cost, even small fees, can present barriers to students. Students are demanding full transparency regarding tuition and fees.

  6. Colleges and universities are using branding more than ever, with engaging visuals, streamlined content, and call-to-action buttons to encourage students to apply.

  7. Despite digital activity, a recent survey found that the most effective marketing strategies for colleges and universities are events-based and involve direct interaction.

The ever-changing landscape of student recruitment creates new opportunities for college admissions teams that are both challenging and exciting. As you work to implement changes to address these trends, check out these additional resources:

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