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Website Audit: Cleaning Up Your Content Before a Redesign


Are you dreading an upcoming content audit?

If a website redesign is in your future, this white paper provides a step-by-step guide to the process of auditing your content so that your new website is well-organized, streamlined, and replete with high-performing web pages.

By working through each of the steps outlined in this paper, you’ll glean key data about the content you provide to site visitors as well as what content your visitors most utilize. This info will prove invaluable as you move to the next steps in your redesign.

Website Audit white paper cover

This white paper includes:

  • Defining Goals for a Content Audit
  • Initiating a Website Content Audit
  • How to Capture and Record Data for a Content Inventory
  • What Is a Pilot Audit and Why It Is Useful
  • Content Audit Data: What It Means and How It Affects Your Website
  • Content Audit: A Qualitative Evaluation
  • Scoring Your Content
  • Checklist for Evaluating the Quality of Your Content
  • Why Tagging Pages Is an Essential Step in Evaluating Content
  • The ABCs of Information Architecture
  • How to Build a Killer Navigation Structure
  • Tools That Can Help You Conduct a Successful Content Audit


Website Audit: Cleaning Up Your Content Before a Redesign is the second in a multi-part series of white papers to help institutions in higher education initiate, plan, and launch a comprehensive website redesign.

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