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Personalizing Your School’s Digital Presence:

How a CMS Makes It Easy

Personalizing Your School’s Digital Presence: How OU Campus Makes It Easy


Personalizing your college or university’s digital presence is the process of creating a customized experience for everyone who visits your website. It provides unique content that’s tailored to specific searches. It’s also intuitive: Actions from past visits determine what future content a specific website visitor will see.

This white paper presents everything you need to know about creating a digital personalization journey for your website visitors.

In this white paper, you'll explore:

  • The various types of personalization.
  • The value digital personalization brings to your institution’s digital presence.
  • Steps involved in implementing a personalized journey for each member of your audience.
  • Design features and tools to enhance and aid in digital personalization.
  • Ways you can use data to craft a digital engagement personalization plan.
  • Examples of colleges and universities that are doing digital personalization right.