Website Redesign in Higher Education | White Paper

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Successful Website Redesign: Comprehensive Planning and Strategy

White Paper

Everything You Need to Know about Initiating and Executing a Website Redesign Project in Higher Education

A complete website redesign can be a multi-year process that impacts every stakeholder of your institution. Throughout, there will be dozens of key individuals to please and hundreds of decisions to make that have far-reaching consequences on your school’s enrollment, brand, and digital presence—not to mention the costly investment of time, resources, and dollars. This white paper is presented as a step-by-step guide to help you plan and strategize for a successful website redesign.

This white paper includes:


  • Navigating the World of Website Redesign
  • Choosing a CMS First Provides a Platform for Success
  • CMS Factors to Consider
  • Selecting Your Website Redesign Committee
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Defining Your Redesign Goals
  • Assessing Your Resources
  • Determining Your Timeline
  • Who Does the Actual Redesign?
  • How Much Does a Redesign Cost?

Launching Your Website: Boosting the Success of a Redesign is the last paper in a multi-part series of white papers to help institutions in higher education initiate, plan, and launch a comprehensive website redesign.

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