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Accessibility Compliance: Making Sense of ADA, 504, 508, and WCAG

Robert Heyser


Robert Heyser

Director of Web Communications

Tarrant County College

About the webcast:

Accessibility. We’ve all heard about it and know we should be doing something about it. But with so many guidelines and laws, where do you start? During this webcast, Robert Heyser from Tarrant County College provides a high-level overview of the differences in ADA, Sections 504 and 508, and the WCAG guidelines. He also covers some best practices as well as ideas on how to use free tools to better test your site for accessibility compliance.

What you'll learn:

  • Differences in accessibility laws and how they potentially affect you
  • Accessibility best practices—in general, for coding, and for content
  • Tips and tools to better test your site for accessibility compliance


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