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3-2-1 Blastoff: Checklist for Website Launch

Phil Pelanne


Phil Pelanne

Director of Technology


About the webcast:

You can build the perfect website, but if the launch doesn't go smoothly, it can overshadow everything you've worked so hard for. After more than 20 years of launches, Phil Pelanne from NewCity has developed an extensive QA and Launch Checklist that has nearly 100 items in categories like DNS/Domain, Standards and Validation, SEO and Metrics, Legal, Functional and Content Testing, Security/Risk, and Performance, as well as steps for the big day and those that follow. During this webcast, you'll hear good ideas, bad ideas, and tales from the trenches, while learning a basic timeline and strategies for a pain-free launch.

What you'll learn:

  • A few basic DNS concepts that will help ensure a smooth launch day
  • Some simple things you can do to improve page load speed without changing any code
  • How to placate the gods of Google so that your site remains indexed and discoverable throughout and after the launch process


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