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Positioning Your Digital Presence for the New Normal

Webcast Series


Quick Tips to Adapt Your Digital Presence for the New Normal

The current crisis has exposed several areas where colleges and universities can up their digital game. During this webcast, veteran website manager Kelly Rushing from the University of South Alabama shares tips on how she and her team have adapted their digital presence in the current crisis.
Special Guest:
Kelly Rushing, Web Services Assistant Manager, University of South Alabama


Differentiating Online from Remote Education

The rapid shift colleges and universities made from face-to-face to online programming in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a new program type: “remote” learning. These courses don’t leverage online best practices, but instead were rapid responses to a world-wide shutdown designed to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. This webcast explores the fundamental differences between remote and online learning and reflect on what's needed to clearly communicate those differences to a skeptical market.
Special Guests: 
A. Sasha Thackaberry, VP for Digital and Continuing Education, Louisiana State University
David Schejbal, VP and Chief of Digital Learning, Marquette University
Ramu Nagappan, Assistant Dean of Extension, UC Berkeley


Placing the Coming Recession in Context

After months of steady growth and strong employment, the American economy suffered a major blow. The coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home orders caused sweeping unemployment that was unprecedented. In this webcast, panelists Michael Horn and Russ Poulin reflect on the similarities and differences between this recession and past iterations, and explore the implications of the new recession on higher ed.
Special Guests: 
Michael Horn, Senior Strategist, Guild Education & Co-Founder, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Russ Poulin, Executive Director of WCET and Vice President for Technology-Enhanced Education, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

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