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Attracting and Serving New Audiences: Building a Platform to Serve Learners for a Lifetime

Amrit Ahluwalia



Amrit Ahluwalia

The EvoLLLution®

What you'll learn:

There is a seismic shift taking place in higher education: Traditional student enrollment is declining, while the number of continuing education and non-traditional students is increasing. This new type of student is being defined as the “modern learner” and you need to understand and be prepared to address their high expectations.

Watch this webcast presented by Amrit Ahluwalia, managing editor of The EvoLLLution® online newspape,r as he covers who this modern learner is and what unique needs they have. The EvoLLLution covers this trend exclusively and Ahluwalia will share insights about what the modern learner expects and how you can transform your website into a hub of engagement for all learners.


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