OmniUpdate Announces a New Live Delivery Platform for Its Web Content Management Software

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OmniUpdate Announces a New Live Delivery Platform for Its Web Content Management Software

Camarillo, California
- March 12, 2009 - OmniUpdate, Inc., the leading provider of web content management software (CMS) and social networking solutions for higher education, announced today the availability of a new Live Delivery Platform (LDP) for its core web CMS product, OU Campus. This platform will be available to both new and existing OmniUpdate customers as an optional component beginning May 2009.

The Live Delivery Platform makes dynamic content on a web server possible, bypassing the need to first be published from a staging environment. The primary benefit of live delivery is the instantaneous availability of dynamic data and the customization of content by website visitors. These capabilities facilitate popular interactive Web 2.0 applications such as favorites, watchers, polls, event calendars, image galleries, wikis, comments, forms, and surveys. Although diverse in nature, these applications can be installed and managed via the unified, user-friendly OU Campus administration interface.

OU Campus is designed as a push or “decoupled” CMS. The Live Delivery Platform extends the capabilities of OU Campus by allowing it to take advantage of the benefits of both push and pull CMS functionality. The LDP is a virtual toolbox for site developers to enhance their site through interactive content. The platform will initially be available through a PHP-based API installed on the customer’s web server, with other languages to follow. The first release of LDP will include image galleries, favorites, watchers, polls, and event calendars. Additional Web 2.0 applications will be released later this year.

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, states, “Our customers have asked us for ways to easily integrate Web 2.0 functionality into their websites using OU Campus. We are proud to now make this add-on functionality available with the release of the powerful Live Delivery Platform.”

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
For more than 25 years, OmniUpdate, Inc. has been a leader in desktop, client-server, and Software-as-a-Service applications. Today, OmniUpdate's web content management products are used to manage more than 500 college and university websites. The company also provides social media and information portal solutions.

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