OmniUpdate Announces a Website Conversion Tool for Serena® Collage® Clients

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OmniUpdate Announces a Website Conversion Tool for Serena® Collage® Clients

Migration of Orphaned Sites to OU Campus Web CMS Made Easy

Camarillo, Calif. - April 30, 2009 - OmniUpdate, Inc., the leading provider of web content management software (CMS) for higher education, announced today the availability of a website conversion tool uniquely developed for Serena Collage clients. This tool is in response to the 2008 announcement that Serena was discontinuing the sale and support of their Collage CMS product.

The Collage web CMS stores content in a proprietary database schema that is not easily transferred to other systems. Furthermore, Collage publishes content as flat static pages so that each page is published with inline headers, footers, navigation, and other common elements. Serena clients charged with converting such websites can find it difficult and extremely time consuming. OmniUpdate has written a conversion application to conveniently migrate complete websites to OU Campus, its widely popular CMS product.

The OmniUpdate conversion tool automatically reads, converts, and tags XML content exported from Collage. In the process, the tool cleans up old Collage markup to meet current web standards. And, if desired, old styling and font tags that are not ADA Section 508 compliant can be stripped from pages. Directory structures and navigation elements are converted as well. For each page, all editable regions, toolbars, and group sets are converted from Serena's Nexus tags into OU Campus tags. OU Campus XML/XSL templates are created from Serena Master Page.

According to Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, "Our organization is pleased to provide this new service to our clients coming from Serena Collage. We've made it really easy for them. With a few clicks, the tool is adapted for any number of editable regions per web page and any number of template types. Our benchmarks show a 5,000 page Collage site run through our new tool will convert to OU Campus in less than 3 minutes."

Serena customers interested in learning more about this conversion tool should contact

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate provides higher education institutions with enterprise-class web content management systems to easily and cost-effectively manage and enhance their web presence and take advantage of the latest web technologies. The company’s flagship web content management system (CMS), OU Campus, is a secure and scalable solution offering a complete feature set, extensible tools, and deployment flexibility supported by remarkable customer service and extensive community resources.

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