OmniUpdate Releases Version 9.7 of Its Web Content Management System

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OmniUpdate Releases Version 9.7 of Its Web Content Management System

Quick Search and Zip Import Features Offer Enhanced Functionality for Users

Camarillo, CAMay 2, 2011 — OmniUpdate, the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education, has released version 9.7 of its OU Campus™ CMS. The new features released are Quick Search and Zip Import.

Quick Search allows users to quickly find pages within OU Campus. Users can search for page content, filenames, page titles, and other metadata associated with files. Quick Search is exceptionally fast and gives users immediate gratification. Searches can be constrained by scope, accessibility, and Boolean operators. In addition, administrators can control which pages are indexed by Quick Search, allowing only the desired content to be searchable.

Zip Import gives users with file upload permissions an easy and efficient way to upload and extract multiple files at once. An intuitive one-click interface gives users a fast and simple way to upload a single zip file containing any type of asset, including text-based and binary assets. After uploading a zip file, but prior to its extraction, the user is presented with an option to rename or exclude specific files and folders. Administrators can globally control acceptable filename rules through the use of regular expression restrictions (e.g., all lowercase letters and numbers with no spaces).

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, is pleased with the Quick Search and Zip Import product features and the work being done by his development team. Mr. Merker stated, "The OmniUpdate team is doing a great job of enhancing the functionality of OU Campus, making it even more intuitive and easy to use."

About OmniUpdate, Inc
OmniUpdate is the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education. OmniUpdate's enterprise-class web CMS, OU Campus™, empowers institutions to effectively manage and enhance their web presence and take advantage of the latest web and mobile technologies. It provides vital marketing, communication, and recruitment tools such as RSS, forms, and blogs management, plus integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more. OU Campus is secure and scalable, offering a complete feature set, extensible tools, and deployment flexibility supported by exceptional customer service and extensive community resources. More than 550 college and university websites are managed using OU Campus.

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