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OmniUpdate® Adds Social Media Data to its OU Campus™ CMS Page Analytics Gadget

Content Contributors Can View Their Page-Level Likes, Shares, Comments, and Retweets

Camarillo, CAOctober 20, 2014—OmniUpdate, the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education, is pleased to announce the addition of social analytics as a new capability of its OU Campus CMS Page Analytics Gadget. The Page Analytics Gadget was released earlier this year and provides granular data on trends for individual pages being edited. Metrics include visitors, new visitors, pageviews, unique pageviews, entrances, exit rate, average time on page, and load time.

Send to Facebook and Send to Twitter have been features of OU Campus for several years. OU Campus users can now use the Page Analytics Gadget to track the social media activity generated by their Send to Facebook wall posts and Send to Twitter tweets. Whenever a content editor in OU Campus uses the Send to Facebook publish feature to post to Facebook, the Page Analytics Gadget will display the number of likes, shares, and comments web visitors make in relation to that post. Users can select a specified period of time to review all the likes, shares, and comments made within that time period. Likewise, content editors who use the Send to Twitter feature to tweet about newly published pages can see the number of retweets and favorites related to that tweet, as well as the total number of retweets and favorites over a specified period of time.

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, said “Our Page Analytics Gadget is very popular with users. They love seeing the statistics specific to their page-level content contributions, so the addition of their Send to Facebook and Send to Twitter activity just made sense. Additionally, it removes the burden on web administrators to generate reports for users wanting to know what happened as a result of their work effort. The reporting work cycle is shortened, and that makes everyone happy.”

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate® is the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education. The company focuses on providing an exceptional product and customer experience to its OU Campus™ CMS users who manage more than 700 web and mobile sites in the U.S. and around the world. OU Campus is secure and scalable, server and platform independent, and seamlessly integrates with other enterprise campus systems. It provides college and university web developers, administrators, and marketers with the user-friendly tools and deployment flexibility they need to achieve excellence. For more information, visit

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