OmniUpdate Releases Version 10 of OU Campus™, Representing a Complete Rebuild of the System

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OmniUpdate Releases Version 10 of OU Campus™, Representing a Complete Rebuild of the System

More Than 700 College and University Websites to Benefit from the Biggest Update in the History of OU Campus, the Leading Web CMS for Higher Education

Camarillo, CAJanuary 13, 2014 — Developers and content contributors for more than 700 college and university web and mobile sites worldwide will kick off 2014 with access to a completely new experience with their web content management system (CMS). OmniUpdate, the leading CMS provider for higher education, has released OU Campus™ version 10, representing the next generation in web CMS technology.

"This is the biggest update to OU Campus in our history," said OmniUpdate President and CEO Lance Merker. "Essentially, we rebuilt the product from the ground up, going through each layer of the product and making it better. Our plan was simple: Dramatically improve usability and development capabilities without drastically changing the user experience."

What's New
Version 10, which will roll out to institutions over the next few months, was designed for responsiveness and speed. "Version 10 is up to 10 times faster for common operations," said Merker. "Not only is OU Campus faster, but users can do things with fewer clicks."

For version 10:

  • The team rebuilt the application layer, giving greater extensibility through APIs and allowing the user interface (UI) layer to be separated from the application layer. Web developers can now build their own apps and gadgets that integrate with OU Campus.
  • The UI layer embraces HTML5.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to upload files directly from the desktop, add images to a gallery, and move files from one location to another.
  • Several gadgets, which simplify everyday CMS tasks, are included such as easy URL shortening, page analytics, and code snippets for easier formatting.
  • The new Images Gadget allows users to easily view image thumbnails in a directory, drag and drop into the WYSIWYG editor, and add ALT descriptions to meet Section 508 standards for accessibility for people with disabilities.

Greater Extensibility and APIs Are Two of Version 10's Biggest Enhancements

"Creating an open-ended platform for the entire OU Campus community to build upon was the most ambitious thing of all," said OmniUpdate Product Manager Shahab Lashkari. "It will be exciting to see what developers on campuses around the world will dream up for OU Campus."

After previewing version 10, Brenden Sparks from San José State University said, "It's still OU Campus, it's just better. The interface has been modernized, but for the most part, the workflow for the hundreds of San José State University content contributors won’t be affected." Sparks, a front-end web developer for the university, added, "With version 10, there’s a lot of new flexibility for all users. I’m most looking forward to what we can do with the APIs."

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate® is the leading web content management system (CMS) provider for higher education. The company focuses on providing an exceptional product and customer experience to its OU Campus™ CMS users who manage more than 700 web and mobile sites in the U.S. and around the world. OU Campus is secure and scalable, server and platform independent, and seamlessly integrates with other enterprise campus systems. It provides college and university web developers, administrators, and marketers with the user-friendly tools and deployment flexibility they need to achieve excellence.

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