OmniUpdate Releases Version 10.2 of the OU Campus™ Content Management System

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OmniUpdate Releases Version 10.2 of the OU Campus™ Content Management System

Highlights Include New Editing Features and Higher Ed Requested Gadgets

Camarillo, CAFebruary 24, 2015—OmniUpdate, the leading content management system (CMS) and digital marketing solutions provider for higher education, has released version 10.2 of its OU Campus™ CMS. The release includes a revamped JustEdit™ feature and several new gadgets, including Link Check, Page Parameters, Workflow, Request Help, and YouTube.

JustEdit allows users to edit sections of a page in context within the fully rendered web page and has been updated and modernized for use in version 10 of the CMS. The user experience allows for quick editing and a live preview of most content types. Users simply click to activate the region they want to edit and then type directly on the web page, speeding up editing time. Regions of a page that can be edited using JustEdit include content within the page body or related content from separately included files.

Gadgets are used in the CMS to give administrators and users easy access to unique features they find indispensable for specific tasks. The Link Check Gadget highlights broken links found on a page to help users speed up link repairs. When using the Page Parameters Gadget, users can quickly adjust and view design and functional changes to a page; for example, changing the layout of a page from a one-column to two-column format can be visualized quickly by clicking in the gadget. The Workflow Gadget provides immediate access to any pages in need of approval and speeds up the workflow process. The Request Help Gadget makes it fast and simple for users to request help from their CMS administrators or a selected group and includes vital information about the issue, such as the user's current location within the site, web browser used, and more. Finally, the YouTube Gadget makes it even easier to access YouTube channels and add videos to a page. Users can search and view the available videos from the selected channel, preview a video, and drag and drop it right on the page.

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, stated, "The rebirth of JustEdit and the addition of these new gadgets were done specifically to satisfy our most common customer needs. In fact, most of the gadget ideas came from our 2014 Gadget Challenge contest. Amazing suggestions came from more than 25 individuals and institutions. In particular, we'd like to give thanks to the following people for their winning gadget ideas: Jenny Anspach, Central Methodist University; Candice Zhu, Townson University; Joshua Pia, Texas Tech University; Jennifer Hock, Santa Barbara City College; and Daniel Larkins, California State University Channel Islands. I am personally thrilled that our v10 platform is allowing us to more quickly bring to market many of our customers’ great suggestions."

About OmniUpdate, Inc.
OmniUpdate is the leading provider of content management solutions designed to solve higher education's digital marketing challenges. Its user-friendly platform and award-winning technology and support empower customers to be engaged and personalized in their communications, cost-effective and efficient in their channel management, and scalable and extensible in their development. For more information, visit

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