OmniUpdate® Releases the OU Marketplace™ for OU Campus™

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OmniUpdate® Releases the OU Marketplace™ for OU Campus™

In-Product Store Helps Customers More Quickly Acquire Needed Modules and Gadgets

Camarillo, CAJuly 17, 2015—OmniUpdate, the leading content management system (CMS) and digital marketing solutions provider for higher education, has released the OU Marketplace™ for OU Campus™. Released as part of version 10.3 of the OU Campus CMS, OU Marketplace was previewed in March at the 2015 OmniUpdate User Training Conference. Accessible via the Add-Ons menu, OU Marketplace enables CMS administrators to quickly acquire tools such as marketing modules and cost-free gadgets.

Within the OU Campus interface, modules and gadgets are categorized by most popular and recently added. Users can “like” any tool and see what's already installed, plus they can send a link to a module or gadget to other users or CMS administrators. New modules and gadgets will be featured upon release, creating a built-in way to notify users and administrators when these tools have been added to the product.

OU Marketplace

The OU Marketplace is also a way for outside developers and business partners to add to the ecosystem and get recognized for their OU Campus development. Shahab Lashkari, OmniUpdate Director of Product Development, said, “The OU Campus platform API is open, so authorized developers can add features and extensions known as ‘gadgets’ to the product. Once vetted, their work can be shared and showcased in the marketplace.” The company is encouraged by the external development that they’ve seen. Several customer and partner submissions are already slated for addition to the product.

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, added, “The OU Marketplace within OU Campus is a way to educate users about additional capabilities designed to enhance the core product. Users are often unaware of how additions to the CMS can open a much broader scope of solutions that work together. We hope OU Marketplace will help the 50,000 users of OU Campus discover additional tools to help them manage their most important digital marketing and institutional initiatives.”

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