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A Web CMS for Content Contributors

When you really boil it down, who do you need to impress the most with your new CMS? Your end users! We know your users will reap the benefits of OU Campus™. They will use it.

Colleges and universities often acquire software based on the needs of the administration or purchasing department. They overlook the people who will actually be using the software. If your users don't like it or are afraid of "breaking" the website, they won't use it. If the learning curve is too steep, they won't use it. If it doesn't meet their needs, they won't use. For a web content management system (CMS) to be effective, user buy-in is absolutely criticalOU Campus logo

You need a solution that is easy to use and motivates your end users to update their content regularly, keeping your web presence fresh. Our sole focus on higher education allows us to develop features and functionalities for our OU Campus CMS that are prized by college and university web professionals. In fact, our product development is driven by our customers' feedback and requests.

Fast and Friendly

Drag and DropThe OU Campus user interface is amazingly fast and responsive with intuitive functionality and drag-and-drop capabilities everywhere

Each user has their own personal dashboard to manage pages and monitor projects within the workflow process. When editing in OU Campus, users can view the complete design and layout of the entire page, while only the select area of text allowed by the administrator is editable. This in-context editing allows users to see what the page will look like as they work, eliminating tedious save-preview-edit cycles and ensuring integrity of the design.

University Business Top ProductEasy to Use

Editing and publishing content on your website with OU Campus is a breeze. That's why University Business readers named it a top product 4 years in a row! With a familiar WYSIWYG Editor like you'd find in other word processing programs, users can insert and edit images, media, forms, and more. They can create landing pages on the fly, integrate pages with Facebook and Twitter, add an image gallery to their page, and reuse content from others parts of the site. They can also automatically generate RSS items when a page is created or updated and add items to an RSS feed when the page is published. 

No Publishing Queues

Publishing queues are the ultimate workflow bottleneck. Other commercial products require you to wait up to 3 hours before you see your changes live on the website. In OU Campus, authorized users can instantly publish pages or even directories with just a few clicks. Or schedule content to publish at a later date and time and set stale page reminders to ensure content is always up to date.

Quality Control

Built-in approvals and checks ensure content is always accurate and accessible. Users can check for misspellings and broken links, plus W3C validation and accessibility protocols before publishing a page. And with Multi-Browser Preview, users can see what their page will look like in any browser/platform combination, so they know just what your site visitors will experience.

Edit and Publish with Ease in OU Campus

  • Quickly edit a page with one-click access via DirectEdit™ links
  • Easily create different page types, multiple pages, and RSS feeds with new page wizards
  • Instantly remove formatting when copying and pasting from Word 
  • Drag and drop images or other files from your desktop into the CMS and within the OU Campus interface
  • Resize, crop, rotate, rename, and save images directly in the CMS
  • Instantly publish pages, directories, or entire sites
  • Preview a page in different browser/platform combinations before publishing
  • Compare a page’s changes with any previous version and roll back to any published version if needed

Ready to learn more?

Now that you have a taste of why you'll get buy-in from your contributors, check out the options below to dig deeper into how you and your team will benefit from OU Campus. Ready to see our CMS in action? Take the next step and request a demo.


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