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A Total CMS Solution for Long-Term ROI

Return on investment (ROI) considerations for the acquisition of a web CMS in higher education have shifted from whether a CMS is necessary to what level of CMS investment is required. Careful selection of the right CMS is essential for maximizing your ROI and ensuring long-term sustainability.

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Institutions that don't do their homework can find themselves spending tens of thousands of dollars on unexpected expenses after their purchase of a web content management system (CMS). These hidden costs are most typically found in additional training, site re-architecture, web servers, consulting, unnecessary features, and implementation and integration cost overruns. They are often left high and dry to figure it out all on their own.

With our OU Campus™ CMS, there are no hidden costs. From customized templates and implementation to hands-on training and ongoing support—you get a total solution that maximizes productivity and increases the value of your website.

Open Standards 

Many CMS products require substantial redesigns to the underlying data architecture of your website. It can be quite costly, both short term and long term, to allow the CMS to drive the architecture of your site away from open standards and non-proprietary best practices. OU Campus adapts and lends itself to your website as it exists today. Other products also integrate into the production website server, effectively taking over the job of content management and content serving. These products carry with them a hidden hardware cost in the form of required build-out of your institution’s primary website server infrastructure. OU Campus is a decoupled CMS, so you avoid these hidden costs. And the cost of integration with current systems shouldn't be overlooked. You need a CMS that embraces open standards and "fits in" with your legacy content. Built on Java EE standards, OU Campus seamlessly integrates with other campus systems.

Full Implementation

With many CMS providers, you are promised more than is delivered, especially with implementation. With OU Campus, we don't create a couple templates and send you on your merry way. Our professional services team works closely with you to understand your content management needs and customize the development of your OU Campus implementation accordingly. You can also work with an implementation partner of your choice.

Comprehensive Training

Because most web CMS products promise ease of use, training costs are often assumed to be minimal or completely overlooked. Your OU Campus purchase includes comprehensive hands-on training, plus on-going training opportunities throughout the year, including our annual OmniUpdate User Training Conference. While OU Campus is easy to use, we know that user acceptance is critical, so we go the extra mile to make sure your team is set up to succeed. 

Dedicated Support

Keep an eye out for CMS providers that have support services baked into their costs. You may be paying for support you don't actually need. Our OU Campus support packages give you flexibility to only pay for the support you require. And your OU Campus purchase includes free monthly online training classes, membership in the OmniUpdate Community Network, and access to our Learning Management System.

We needed scalability; we needed a platform that was robust and tried and true; we needed a vendor that was focused on higher education and really wanted to help us, listen to us, and work with us—we found those things in OU Campus.

Chris Nixon, Director of Digital Design & Development
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Maximize Your ROI with OU Campus

  • OU Campus lowers your resource costs by streamlining content workflows to eliminate process bottlenecks.
  • OU Campus is extremely easy to use, which alleviates demand on your IT staff and allows them to focus on technology.
  • Our OU Campus SaaS option eliminates hardware costs associated with maintaining a room full of servers.
  • OU Campus leverages the latest web technologies, which allows you to create a state-of-the-art website.
  • OU Campus' unique instant publishing model reduces the edit-publish cycle, providing fresher content to your site visitors.
  • OU Campus ensures site accessibility, thereby deterring legal complications and costs. 

Ready to learn more?

Now that you have a glimpse at how OU Campus can maximize productivity and increase the value of your website, check out the options below to dig deeper into how you and your team will benefit from OU Campus. Ready to see our CMS in action? Take the next step and request a demo.


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