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  • Usability, Content Management

    Top Ten for Version 10

    No blog would be complete without at least one top ten list! My list of top ten features in OU Campus version 10 includes modernized interface, icons, drag-and-drop functionality, notifications, reports integration and standardization, and the list goes on. What took the number one spot on the list? You’ll have to read on to find out!

  • Content Management

    Snippets Gadget: Inserting
    Pre-Defined Content with Ease

    Inserting snippets just got a whole lot easier with version 10. The Snippets Gadget is a sidebar tool that you can use to drag and drop pre-formatted content onto a page. Snippets can be added to an editable region within the WYSIWYG Editor and while editing within the Source Editor. The Snippets Gadget helps streamline the editing process. And anything that makes life easier is a good thing.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    A Gadget to Call Your Own

    Gadgets are undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable and useful new features available in version 10 of OU Campus. They're easy to use and handy, as they provide OU Campus administrators and content contributors alike shortcuts for frequently used actions and some really cool new functionality. You can actually create your own gadgets that make use of OU Campus' web API.

  • Content Management

    Avatars: Giving Users Life in
    OU Campus v10

    So here’s a fun thing users can do in OU Campus version 10: they can add an avatar to their profile. Adding an avatar is easier than you might think. In fact, you can actually let Gravatar do the work for you. Gravatar follows a user to OU Campus version 10 based on the email address of that user, so in various places within the CMS, you can see the avatar associated with the user’s name.


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