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  • Content Management, Usability

    Get Found! How to Optimize Your Web Content for Search Engines

    Search engines serve millions of people per day looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. As colleges, we want those people to find the answers and solutions we provide. SEO is a way to optimize web pages so search engines understand them better. Once implemented, SEO keeps the visitors coming and effectively does the promotion for you!

  • Content Management

    Why You Want Pictures on Your Web Pages (Part 2)

    As web content managers tasked with communicating important information, it's important to understand the psychology of imagery, as well as how to select and prepare images for web. What exactly is a well-composed picture and what is considered a "prime location" for that picture when it comes to your website?

  • Content Management

    Why You Want Pictures on Your Web Pages (Part 1)

    When it comes to website content, pictures are powerful allies, if you know how to manage them. People are drawn to visual content and take action based on its subtle cues faster than any other medium. Consider featuring a well-composed, relevant, and beautiful picture, in a prime location, that will visually enhance the message your web page is intended to convey.

  • Content Management

    How to Write Website Content that People Will Read

    According to Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group and considered the world’s foremost expert in web usability, people don’t read on the web. Instead, they scan pages, picking out individual words and sentences. More specifically, they’re impatient! They want what they want and they want it now. Isn’t that how people browse the web today?

  • Content Management

    6 Easy Ways to Support and Energize Your Web Editors (Part 2)

    Technology is changing everything! Keeping editors, who are tasked with updating the college website, engaged and energized is vitally important. But, our daily work routines can be uninspiring and weighed down by process. So, how do you turn the dreaded “no one looks at the website” response into: “6,000 people looked at my web page!" Here are six ways you can support and energize your web editors.

  • Content Management

    Captain's Log: Preparing to Energize Web Editors (Part 1 of 2)

    “Have you updated your web pages today?” I’m told I ask this question a lot. Not that I bug people, but hey, I love my college’s website. Whatever the answer, I instinctively launch into Mothership mode. Yeah, The Mothership—my Star Trek euphemism for our college’s website. It’s our base that leads, carries, and delivers vital information that our students, staff, and community expects. So, why would staff be hesitant or scared to update it?


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