2014 OmniUpdate Customer of the Year

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2014 OmniUpdate Customer of the Year

At last month’s annual user training conference, we announced our 2014 OmniUpdate Customer of the Year. This year’s recipient is so deserving of the award and has been a true evangelist for our company over the past few years. I am thrilled to once again announce that Donna Talarico-Beerman from Elizabethtown College is our 2014 award winner!

2014 Customer of the Year

Donna works in the Office of Marketing Communications at Elizabethtown College (E-town) as the Director of Integrated Communications and has been an avid user of our OU Campus web content management system for more than 3 years. Donna is a go-getter. No doubt about it. She’s very involved in the higher ed community and has spoken at many industry conferences, including eduWeb and PSUWeb as part of the OmniUpdate Speaker Scholarship Program. She also presented at our conference this year on how E-town transformed its admissions communications from static and linear to dynamic and interactive by creating a "moment" for accepted students and then encouraging them to share that moment – right then – on social media.

Donna also just so happened to be the top tweeter during our user training conference. She’s always tweeting great tips and advice, and during the conference was no different. And, she’ll be featured in an upcoming testimonial video on omniupdate.com. Stay tuned for that blockbuster!

According to Donna, her mission is simple: “To inspire through innovation and imagination, from the classroom to the boardroom.” It may be simple, but she accomplishes it with zest. When asked to share some fun anecdotes, here’s what she had to say...

I posed in a Wilkes University viewbook and caught the attention of an incoming freshman who came up to me at orientation (I was a leader his first year) and said something like, “You’re the girl from the book.” I gave him a silly award for “the name most suited for college: BEER-MAN.” After not seeing him for 15 years, we caught up on New Year’s 2012, and now we’re married. I have that legendary name, and now I help make viewbooks!

I worked in my alma mater's PR office as a work-study student and just fell in love with the idea of doing that someday. After a little over a decade and stints in radio, career school admissions, and eCommerce (while a freelance correspondent for local papers), I found my way back to higher ed! And, guess who one of my work-study bosses was in 1996? A friend of OmniUpdate: Stephanie Geyer [from Noel-Levitz]! I hadn't seen her in 15 years until reconnecting through OmniUpdate.

Talk about a small world. We are glad you made your way back to higher ed, Donna. You’re a great asset to the industry! For more scoop on Donna, check out her site at www.donnatalarico.com.

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