OU Campus Support Site: What Does It Do and Why Is It Here?

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OU Campus Support Site: What Does It Do and Why Is It Here?

You may be familiar with the OU Campus Support Site, or you may be a newbie. Either way, it's good to get an overview of the basics so you can get the most out of the site.

help-buttonFirst of all, let's go through a quick run-through of how to get to the Support Site. You can always get to it directly by its URL, https://support.omniupdate.com. You can also access it via the Help button in the main OU Campus interface. Additionally, there are in-context help links in just about every area of OU Campus, appearing as little question marks by specific regions and functions. If you need help, these links will take you directly to the related page on the Support Site.

expandable-menuOnce you get to the Support Site, there's a couple ways to navigate. One is the expandable menu on the left-hand side. This menu covers every topic available on the site, with the ability to expand lists to get to more particular aspects of the topic, and in structure mimics the way OU Campus itself is set up. The other way is the handy search bar in the top right of the site.

There's also a couple of ways to sort information based on the intended audience. In the top navigation of the site, there are handy short-cuts for some of the most popular topics on the Support Site:

  • Contributors provides links to common end-user tasks
  • Administrators includes popular OU Campus administrative functions
  • Training provides links to videos and support documentation (including our dozens of Training Tuesday videos, which provide some very helpful how-to instructions)
  • What's New takes you to updates for both OU Campus and the Support Site
  • Support will get you to some FAQs and site-related support


You'll also notice that every content page is marked with a chevron (or several) in a certain color. Each chevron indicates the user level the page is best geared toward. Green chevrons are for end users, blue for administrators, orange for web developers, and red for super admins. Take note that a link on a page in one level can lead to a page in a completely different level.

So what is the primary function of the Support Site? While the site may be used for troubleshooting specific problems or errors - we do have a troubleshooting page - it is not designed to cover every potential question or issue that may occur while using OU Campus. Rather, think of the Support Site as an in-depth reference manual or user guide. If you have issues not addressed on the Support Site, then we have a variety of support resources, including our live HelpDesk services (available to key contacts), the OmniUpdate Community Network, the OU Campus Feedback Forum, and Knowledge Base articles. If you're not a member of these forums, just ask one of your OU Campus administrators to get in touch with our support team for an invite.

So that's a quick run-through of the Support Site. Check it out and give us your feedback. We hope it's a SIGHT to behold!

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