Choosing the Right CMS: The Collaboration Process

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Choosing the Right CMS: The Collaboration Process

Your website is your institution’s front door, a portal to everything your college or university has to offer. It provides visitors with a one-stop shop for resources and information, but also creates a complicated web of collaboration with people from varied backgrounds and skills—including some with no experience in website management.

When evaluating a new content management system (CMS), you’ll want cross-campus input and buy-in, but you don’t want to create more work for your coworkers. To avoid asking the wrong questions of the wrong department professional, the following chart highlights what perspectives you can glean on various issues from higher ed professionals at your institution.

Issue Marketing Team Web Developers IT Team Admins/ Execs Content Editors Students
Goals for Website & CMS X X X X X X
Brand Consistency X     X X X
Features for Site X X X X X X
Cost X X X X    
Security   X X X    
Messaging X     X X X
Governance X X X X    


  X X X    
Integration with Existing Systems X X X X X  
Site Analytics X X X      
Enrollment Management X     X    

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