Make the Most of Social Media

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Make the Most of Social Media

hands holding social media signsOU Mashup™ v2 is chock-full of features designed especially for higher ed.

OU Mashup has always been a customer favorite because of how easy it allows you to highlight content from your choice of social media networks and modify posts by simply updating content settings. With the release of OU Mashup v2, OmniUpdate has enhanced these features and boosted performance to make OU Mashup even better.

Goals of OU Mashup v2

When we began developing OU Mashup v2, we identified several goals we wanted to accomplish, including:

  • Separating the output display from core functionality
  • Supporting up to nine different social media feeds
  • Simplifying the process for adding more accounts
  • Allowing unlimited accounts from the nine supported account types
  • Creating custom filters, if needed

Social Media Management Made Easy

OU Mashup v2 is loaded with new features that meet all of these goals and more. Perhaps the most popular feature is the ability to add unlimited accounts from nine different social media sites using OU Campus’ new page wizards. When you add a new credential for a new social media account, you are prompted to add relevant API information for account verification. These API credentials are not exposed to the web browser, which keeps them hidden and safe from public view. You can also individually test these API credentials upon adding them in.

Another feature is the removal of 99% of HTML from the core functionality so that OU Mashup can be easily customized. There are four default themes: Default, Default Flipped, Light Theme, and Dark Theme. For example, the OmniUpdate website uses the light theme. These four default themes can be slightly customized, but you also have the ability to define a custom theme and create a seamless transition into your design.

For a look at other features new to OU Mashup v2, check out our side-by-side comparison to v1.

Ready to learn more? If you are a current customer, reach out to our support team or your account director to get those questions answered. If you are not yet an OmniUpdate customer, request a demo of OU Mashup today!

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Cory Madden

Web Developer – Team Lead

Cory has created many of our solutions that make it easier for our customers to accomplish their goals. He is one of the main developers for OU Mashup v2 and OU Search. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephew, as well as occasionally riding his bike at the skate park.

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