Bring Your Website to Life with the OU Campus Image Editor

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Bring Your Website to Life with the OU Campus Image Editor

image editorYour campus web content contributors have varied responsibilities. However, very few of them are formally trained as graphic designers—and this can be frustrating when they attempt to upload and publish content to the website.

Not anymore. In our OU Campus web content management system (CMS), the Image Editor lets the most novice of users edit and publish images in a snap. With a couple of quick steps, users can upload an image, then resize, crop, rotate, and zoom all in one operation—and without using any additional software like Photoshop.  The beauty of this feature is its simplicity—and that it ensures that the image is properly sized before being published. Even large images are easy to work with in the Image Editor.

OU Campus Image Editor

Like other OU Campus features, access is dependent on the user level. A user can upload new files and edit existing images, but for added protection, the CMS administrator can control the user’s ability to overwrite images when edits are made.

Once all desired changes are made, republish and voila! Your users will have beautifully illustrated content at their fingertips—and the power to modify it as needed to keep up with your institution’s ever-changing messages.

Interested in seeing other OU Campus features in action? Check out our Product page or request a demo.

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