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Surviving the Dreaded CMS Switch

Joel Vertin


Joel Vertin

Director of Digital Services

Michigan Technological University

About the webcast:

You have identified issues with your current website setup and have decided it’s time for a new web content management system (CMS). Now what? During this webcast, learn about Michigan Technological University’s journey that started with a bad CMS and ended with a shiny new system that the campus is still excited about. Joel shares how they assessed new CMS products, gained approval from leadership, built buy-in and excitement on campus, migrated more than 12,000 web pages, and lived to tell the tale.

What you'll learn:

  • How to evaluate your CMS needs to determine the right fit for your institution
  • How to create a communication and rollout plan that allows everyone to keep their sanity
  • Tips and lessons learned to help facilitate your own CMS switch


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