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The Post-Pandemic World of Higher Education

Webcast Series


Hacks to Deliver a Personalized Website in a Period of Constant Change

It’s become apparent in the COVID-19 crisis that today’s modern learner expects a customized user experience when online. But how does a college or university with limited time, funds, and staffing find the resources to create web pages that bring together a wide range of content to meet the unique needs of each user persona? During this webcast, learn digital hacks from Alex Boekelheide and his Pasadena City College team for personalizing your website in a period of constant change.
Special Guest:
Alex Boekelheide, Special Assistant to the Superintendent/President, Pasadena City College


How the Move from Atoms to Bits Will Fundamentally Reshape Higher Education

In 1995, the shift from Atoms to Bits was theorized as the movement of media products from atoms (physical products) to bits (digital products). At the time, newspapers, CDs, and books were top of mind for this shift, but in 2020 we can see that higher education is undergoing a similar transition. During this webcast, Mark Greenfield explores the sustainability of the postsecondary status quo, the flattening of higher education, and the impact of these trends on our industry’s future.
Special Guest: 
Mark Greenfield, Web Accessibility Officer, University at Buffalo


Quick Tips to Maintain Relevance and Serve Your Community in a New Recession

Higher education institutions have an essential role to play in supporting their communities, and recessions truly bring this public responsibility to the forefront. During this webcast, panelists explore how colleges and universities need to evolve to ensure programming is relevant during challenging economic times and will reflect on what it takes to adapt to ensure community needs are being served.
Special Guests: 
Joe Cassidy, Assistant Vice President for Economic Development and Dean of Continuing Education and Public Services, College of DuPage
Audrey Arnold, Executive Director of Continuing Education, University of New Mexico

Amy Wartham, Director of Corporate and Custom Training in Continuing Education, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Expert Insights: Predicting Higher Education’s New Normal

The higher education industry has changed significantly over the past decade, and COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of even more transformations. During this webcast, panelists will reflect on some of the changes that have occured over the past month, discuss which of the changes are likely here to stay, and share insights on what the future may hold for higher education.
Special Guests: 
Tracy Chapman, Dean of the School for Professional Studies and Associate Provost of Distance Education, Saint Louis University
Marc Austin, Executive Director of Strategy and New Ventures, George Mason University

Gary Hepburn, Dean of the Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University

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