Privacy Policy

OmniUpdate is deeply committed to user privacy and to the security of all data in our possession. By joining the special group of people who make up OmniUpdate's customers, you have entrusted us with a big responsibility. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and are committed to upholding a high standard when it comes to privacy and security. It is our goal to openly share our privacy policy to ensure that customers understand the security status of their data and OmniUpdate's specific privacy practices. This statement has been authored and published in the spirit of that goal.

Information Collection and Use

As part of our Software-as-a-Service offerings, customers may be requested to provide OmniUpdate with the individualized information of users. Individualized information can be anything provided to the OU Campus system that identifies a person, such as name, address, phone number, email address, user name or password. OmniUpdate may use this information to contact a customer or to provide them with a service.

It is OmniUpdate's policy to send and receive individualized information only through secured channels and store it on tightly secured servers. OmniUpdate does not share, distribute, print, or reference any individualized information except as may be required by law. We will only view or access individual information with specific permission as needed to implement products and services or to resolve a support issue. However, users may elect to share such information with a third-party vendor to perform certain specific services deemed reputable and secure by OmniUpdate management. Please note that each user is responsible for maintaining the security of their own email accounts and OU Campus user credentials, including passwords.

If credit card information is collected to secure payment for services, such information is not stored by OmniUpdate. Our bank assists in the processing of credit card transactions and all card information is destroyed after the transaction is successfully completed. Payments made via check are processed through private bank means and all checking information is maintained securely in our office and with our bank. Billing information is never used by OmniUpdate for marketing or promotional purposes. utilizes Google Analytics and other tools to track and analyze Internet visitor usage data. This includes the collection of Internet addresses and web browser cookies. We also may utilize Google's Display Network to target advertisements to visitor interest categories. This data is used to track how visitors navigate our website so that we can respond to visitor needs and create a better web experience. We do not track personally-identifiable information unless it is provided to us by the visitor. This data is never associated with and has no influence on employee recruiting at OmniUpdate.

Security of Data

The OmniUpdate network has extensive protective measures in place to ensure that misuse, loss, corruption, and alteration of data does not happen. To ensure the continued security of your individualized information, OmniUpdate conducts periodic reviews of our security infrastructure, regularly updating our practices to meet the highest technological and data protection industry standards. We protect unauthorized access and inappropriate use of sensitive data at both the hardware and software levels, including the use of properly configured network firewalls, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), and VPN technologies for data in transit and encryption for data storage. Our products also incorporate advanced security features and methods, including encoded session identifications and dynamic data. The OmniUpdate team is also committed to internal policies that dictate exactly how employees may use and access secure data.

Opt-Out Policy

We want to make sure you are comfortable with the way we use your information and know how to change your preferences. As an OmniUpdate customer, please note that you have the right to decide how we use the information you provide to us. Should you wish to opt out of receiving general marketing information from us, please send us an email request detailing your preferred level of contact. Send your request to and we will remove your information from our contact lists.

You may opt out of Google's Display Advertising by visiting the Google Advertisement Settings page. You also may be interested in viewing the Consumer Opt-Out page for the Network Advertising Initiative to opt out of other participating networks.

Links to External Websites

The OmniUpdate website may contain links to other websites. OmniUpdate is not responsible for the content of these websites or for their respective privacy policies. Customers should carefully read and consider the privacy policy of such sites before disclosing any individualized information.

Concerns or Changes

OmniUpdate may change this privacy statement at any time by posting revisions to this website. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of the provisions of this privacy statement and your continued usage after such changes are posted constitutes acceptance of each revised policy statement. Please check this privacy statement periodically for changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy statement or any revised privacy statement, please exit the website immediately. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding this statement please contact the OmniUpdate Marketing department at

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