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OU Campus® is the #1 web CMS of choice for higher ed web professionals around the globe.

College WebsitesYour institution's website is your greatest marketing and recruitment asset, but managing it is no small feat. With the right web content management system (CMS) in place though, it can be an easy one. Enter OU Campus. Designed from the ground up with features and modules unique to higher education, OU Campus meets all your web content management needs.

Just as every institution is different, so is each CMS implementation—a CMS should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with each customer to scope out their individual needs, from implementation to support, and we develop a plan from there. An OU Campus purchase includes full implementation, deployment, and hands-on training. And since needs vary, our pricing model reflects those needs and is designed to match accordingly.


CMS users of all types benefit from our feature-rich solution:

Content Contributors

Our primary development goal is a CMS that provides an exceptional user experience. With overwhelming buy-in by higher ed users, OU Campus puts the power of content management in the hands of those who need it the most—your content contributors. Your contributors will benefit from how easy it is to create new pages, edit images, drag and drop content, and so much more.

OU Campus editing
  •   New Page Wizards

    Simply fill out a form to create different page types and RSS feeds.

  •   Image Editing

    Resize, crop, rotate, rename, and save images in one of many approved file formats.

  •   Drag and Drop

    Drag and drop content from your desktop into the CMS and within the CMS interface.

  •   DirectEdit™ Links

    Quickly edit a page with one-click access.

  •   In-Context Editing

    Edit content within the fully rendered page, so you see exactly how it will look when published.

  •   Gadgets

    Quickly insert images and videos, view analytics, access your inbox, check links, and so much more.

  •   Tag Management

    Apply tags to files, folders, assets, and RSS items to enhance content search and repurposing.

Content Approvers

Unlike competing products where content gets put in a queue to publish, your content approvers will benefit from the ability to instantly publish in OU Campus—no bottlenecks! And with built-in logical workflow, multi-browser preview, and quality checks, your approvers can rest easy knowing pages will be accessible and error free.

OU Campus pdf preview
  •   Instant Publishing

    Instantly publish pages, directories, or entire sites—no publishing queues! Or schedule content to publish at a later date and time.

  •   Multi-Browser Preview

    See how your page looks in a variety of browsers before publishing.

  •   Quality Checks

    Give your content a final check for spelling, broken links, accessibility, and W3C validation.

  •   Multi-Output Preview

    Preview your pages rendered in different formats and file types, from mobile and PDF to CSV and XML.

  •   Versioning

    Feel at ease knowing you can compare page changes and roll back to an earlier version if needed.

Web Developers

Your developers can shape OU Campus to fit the needs of your institution with full access to all HTML, CSS, scripting, and templates. They can also take advantage of APIs to create new tools, extend the functionality, and easily connect to external applications that tie directly into OU Campus. The sky is the limit.

OU Campus source code editing
  •   Multi-Channel Output

    Publish a single piece of content into multiple output types such as HTML, PDF, CSV, and mobile.

  •   Source Code Editing

    Choose which users can edit source code with configurable themes and syntax highlighting.

  •   WebDAV Integration

    Access and modify content on the OU Campus staging server with third-party applications.

  •   Multi-Target Publish

    Publish to multiple targets to test server-side code, new redesigns, or any major site changes.

  •   APIs

    Use our comprehensive APIs to automate and extend functionality or to create custom gadgets and integrations with ease.


Your marketing team can easily engage your target audiences online with OU Campus. They can automatically publish to social media channels, create user-friendly forms via the drag-and-drop interface, and see how content is performing with integrated Google, Twitter, and Facebook analytics. OU Campus is the primary tool they need to drive and manage your most important content and digital marketing initiatives.

Page Analytics
  •   Publish to Social

    Automatically push content to Facebook and Twitter when a new or updated page goes live.

  •   Image Galleries

    Create a gallery of reusable, on-brand images, accessible to content contributors.

  •   Forms

    Easily create and manage forms with our drag-and-drop interface.

  •   Multi-Channel Analytics

    Integrate metrics from Google, Twitter, and Facebook, both site-wide and at the page level.




Your CMS administrators will benefit from configurable templates and features that make multi-site, multi-user, and multi-channel management easy. OU Campus allows them to manage an unlimited number of pages, sites, and users, as well as your mobile and social channels with ease and flexibility. 

Powerful Administration and Quality Control

  • Instantly generate pre-defined or custom reports
  • Set site-wide file size upload limits
  • Perform global find and replace searches
  • Assign users to one of 11 customizable user levels
  • Set user permissions at the site, directory, file, page, or region level
  • Support and manage unlimited sites and sub-sites
  • Ensure dependency links in the CMS are always up to date
  • Define which templates are available in a given section of the site
  • Create any number of custom WYSIWYG toolbars
  • Create reusable assets such as code, forms, and image galleries
  • Create pre-formatted HTML snippets that users can edit
  • Enforce checks for spelling, links, W3C validation, and accessibility

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