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OU Campus® modules allow you to extend the functionality of the content management system (CMS) to optimize your web presence and better engage with your website visitors.

Just like OU Campus, our modules are designed specifically for the needs of higher education. You can build many of the modules below on your own with starter code from our GitHub repository, or let our team of experts do the work for you.

OU Campus Modules 

OU Search

When your website visitors can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, they are more likely to stay on your site. OU Search crawls web content that can’t be found via conventional HTML hyperlinks, helping information seekers find important material they might have otherwise missed. Customize the look and feel of search results, which file types and URL patterns to include, which results are highlighted or forced to the top using "best bets" and more.

OU Search video
  •   Custom Look and Feel

    Completely control the style of the search results to match your site’s design.

  •   Best Bets

    Curate and promote pages to the top of the search results page for certain keywords.

  •   Parametric Filtering

    Allow site visitors to narrow down search results by keywords or categories.

  •   Controlled Crawl

    Update your search index as often as you want.

  •   Detailed Reports

    Access search reports with details about your site visitor queries, such as top words and no-hit queries.

  •   100+ File Types

    Crawl web pages, PDFs, MS Office docs, links generated by JavaScript, password-protected pages, and more. Sitemaps are supported to allow OU Search to find and index content that is not available via HTML hyperlinks.

OU Insights

Strong SEO, comprehensive accessibility, valid links, and correct spelling all positively impact the overall user experience for your site visitors. OU Insights continually reports on these key areas of your website's health outside of the publishing workflow, so you not only get people to your website, but you keep them there. Scores, recommended actions, and drill-down capabilities make OU Insights an invaluable tool for your team to uncover problems and improve areas that have a critical impact on your site visitors' user experience.

  •   CMS Integration

    Quickly fix problems directly within OU Campus such as misspellings, broken links, and accessibility problems.

  •   Reporting

    View site-wide and page-level reports highlighting areas of concern and recommended actions.

  •   Comprehensive Scan

    Scan all pages, even those not managed in OU Campus, for a complete overview.

  •   Complete Control

    Control report frequency and access via administrator settings.

OU Insights

Email Campaign Manager

Communicating effectively with your audience is critical. You need to send newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other important forms of information electronically. And, your messages need to adapt to all mobile devices so they are consumable on the go. Email Campaign Manager allows you to easily create, send, and manage your marketing emails directly within OU Campus.

email campaign manager video
  •   Personalized Template

    Send branded emails using a professionally designed, responsive template right in OU Campus.

  •   Delivery Optimization

    Test against popular spam filters and firewalls to detect anything that could prevent your email from being delivered.

  •   A/B Testing

    Test subject lines, senders, or email body by sending to a small subset—the winner is automatically sent to your remaining list.

  •   Analytics

    View reports about message preferences and performance.

  •   List Management

    Maintaining clean list data is easy and keeps you compliant with anti-spam laws.

Course Catalog

Printed course catalogs are out of date before they hit the printer. Publishing a catalog online allows you to quickly update the content and always have accurate information. In addition, you save on printing costs, support sustainability initiatives, reduce drain on staff resources, and minimize maintenance problems. Guarantee your student body an accurate, timely, and readily accessible online course catalog managed by the OU Campus.

  •   Systems Integration

    Changes made to your student information system are passed to OU Campus, so your catalog is always accurate and reliable.

  •   Uniform Look and Feel

    Customized templates give contributors an easy-to-follow guide for adding content to a structured catalog layout.

  •   Easy Navigation

    Catalog viewers can search content online with ease through rendered directories and search tools.

  •   Multi-Channel Output

    Updated content is simultaneously published to all output types such as HTML, PDF, XML, text, and mobile.

  •   Cost Savings

    Costs are greatly reduced with fewer man hours required for maintenance and no printing expenses.

course catalog video

Faculty Directory

Showcasing faculty members on your website can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors—having up-to-date, easily accessible information is key to that differentiation. Create a faculty directory using OU Campus to keep your faculty at the forefront and showcase their achievements, thereby strengthening your institution's marketing power and brand. With editorial freedom for your faculty and design control for you, it's a win-win solution for everyone.

faculty directory video
  •   Easy Editing

    Form regions make it easy for faculty to add and edit content in their profiles.

  •   Brand Consistency

    Profile templates can be customized around designs already in place on your site.

  •   Systems Integration

    Pull existing content from external databases such as PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner®, Jenzabar, or legacy databases.

  •   Uniformity

    Directories can be recreated in multiple places around your site for different profile groups.

  •   Multi-Functional

    Ideal profile solution for staff, students, alumni, buildings, and more.

OU Blogs

Blogging adds an authentic voice to your institution, creating a powerful connection with prospective and current students, parents, faculty, and alumni. Plus, blogging drives traffic to your website and can help you convert visitors into leads. OU Blogs integrates the power of blogging with OU Campus, giving you the same great CMS functionality for all your blogging needs. 

  •   Workflow

    Set up workflow and approval processes to govern your blog's published content.

  •   Quality Control

    Enforce checks for spelling, links, W3C validation, and accessibility before publishing.

  •   Syndication

    Automatically generate RSS items to share your stories.

  •   Publishing Options

    Publish your posts instantly or schedule them for timely delivery.

  •   Analytics

    View site-level and page-level analytics to get insight into your blog's performance.

OU Blogs video

OU Mashup

In today's social world, media feeds are scattered and visitors have to navigate away from your website to get the latest scoop. Create a focal point for social engagement on your site with OU Mashup. This social media hub is a one-stop interactive display of everything that's important to your institution. It allows you to easily display content from your choice of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr. 

OU Mashup video
  •   Interactive Display

    Showcase content from your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr.

  •   Real-Time Engagement

    New content appears as it's created and posted to your social media channels.

  •   Content Control

    Display posts from usernames, pages, or specific hashtags.

  •   Brand Consistency

    Templates are built to match your site.

Emergency Alerts

Simply put, emergencies are the worst. They can hit at any time and at any place. They are never planned and never positive. However, the way you handle emergencies can significantly impact your students, faculty, and staff members, as well as their families and the community at large. Emergency Alerts provides you with a fast, easy, and reliable way to communicate with all of your campus constituents via your website. When an unforeseen event occurs, quickly create a custom emergency announcement and prominently display it on your site for everyone to see.

  •   Enhanced Visibility

    Target highly visible space on your website without disrupting your web visitors' experience with an eye-catching announcement bar or popup window.

  •   On-the-Go Access

    Manage alerts in OU Campus via desktop or any mobile device.

  •   Easy Editing

    Easily create, modify, and delete alerts, plus update published alerts, including the severity level.

  •   Social Integration

    Publish alerts to social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

Emergency Alerts

OU Calendar

There's a lot happening on your campus, so it can be hard to keep your website in sync with all the non-stop activity and change. OU Calendar is an interactive tool that integrates with OU Campus to make it easy for you to share campus events. Contributors submit events by filling out a web form or by importing events from another calendar system. Once approved and published, events are displayed and easily filtered by day, week, month, or even by category. 

OU Calendar for Saint Xavier University
  •   Fully Interactive

    Easily share, export, and filter calendar events by day, week, month, or category.

  •   Customized Display

    Control how events are showcased. Share the date, time, location, description with links or images, cost, contact information, and more.

  •   Easy Editing

    Contributors submit events by filling out a web form or importing events from another calendar system.

  •   Brand Consistency

    Theme the calendar to match your current site design.

  •   Repurpose Content

    Events can be tagged in multiple categories and displayed on various pages.

  •   Controlled Workflow

    Utilize OU Campus workflow approval to monitor publishing.

  •   Paid Registration

    Set up guest registration and payment collection for events.

Campus Map

An interactive campus map enables you to tell your story without prospects having to make a physical visit to your campus. Through the platform, you can easily design and make edits to your own map, then simply copy and paste the embed script code onto your web page. The map is hosted from multiple server locations, ensuring optimal speed and performance. 

  •   Embed Anywhere

    Easily design and make edits to your map, then simply copy and paste the embed script code onto your web page.

  •   Custom Illustration

    An attractive, well-designed map illustration encourages visitors to dive in and explore.

  •   Multimedia-Friendly

    To make your map truly interactive, add in photos, videos, narrated audio, and more.

  •   Third-Party Hosting

    The map is hosted by nuCloud from multiple server locations, ensuring optimal speed and performance.

Campus Map


The federal government requires all college and university websites to provide a net price calculator for prospective students. Are you using a generic tool for this requirement or taking the extra steps to make your calculator an effective recruiting aid that incorporates your institution's branding? The TrueCost Calculator is a customizable solution that allows you to be compliant while meeting your prospects' needs.

Cost Calculator
  •   Federally Compliant

    Meets the federal government's mandate to provide a net price calculator for prospective students.

  •   Fully Customized

    Incorporate your institution's branding and specify your tuition, fees, and merit aid. Plus add unique questions for awards, specific scholarships, and more.

  •   Easy to Use

    The calculator is a simple and straightforward cost of attendance estimator; a completed FAFSA form is not required for use.

  •   Third-Party Hosting

    The calculator is hosted by Ruffalo Noel Levitz, minimizing your maintenance requirements.


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