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A great CMS isn't just about the software. It's about the experience. From implementation and content migration, to award-winning support and professional services, we're here for you every step of the way.


Unlike other web content management system (CMS) providers, all our OU Campus® implementations are done in-house. OU Campus can be implemented with your website just as it exists today or in conjunction with a redesign. If you are embarking on a redesign, we'll work closely with your design firm of choice or you can choose a design theme from our OU Design Library to get up and running quickly. Below is an overview of the implementation process.

  Discovery & Planning

During discovery and planning, we work closely with you on the functional and technical requirements and set expectations of your implementation.


During development, we configure OU Campus, establish a staging environment, and create your custom templates.

  Quality Assurance

Our team vigorously tests your templates to ensure they meet all specification requirements, W3C standards, and accessibility compliance.


Once quality assurance is complete and all requirements are met, your customized implementation of OU Campus is ready for you to use.



Content Migration

We know migrating content from one CMS to another can be a big undertaking. Let us take that burden off your plate. We've helped hundreds of institutions just like yours migrate their content quickly and easily. Migration involves targeting your website's metadata and content and then programmatically or systematically moving it into a new data structure. This can be done in various ways. Every situation is unique, so we'll help you pick the migration strategy that's best for you.

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During an automated migration, we use a program to read, convert, and tag your exported content for a one-to-one shift into OU Campus.

  Partially Automated

During a partially automated migration, we move your content into OU Campus, and from there, you can organize it how you see fit.


A manual migration involves cutting and pasting content from your old CMS to OU Campus, page by page. This option gives you flexibility and a great opportunity to refresh old, stale content.



We are the experts when it comes to CMS software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment in higher ed. With more SaaS customers than any other higher ed CMS provider, our users benefit from the reliable uptime and instant updates that SaaS provides. It's what we recommend to give you optimal performance. Of course, if self-hosting OU Campus is a requirement, we offer that too.

  SaaS (recommended)

When deployed as a SaaS solution, we handle the installation, updates, and maintenance of OU Campus, ensuring optimal performance and uptime. And don't worry about the server hardware and infrastructure; we take care of that, too. A SaaS deployment gives you the most benefits and lets you shift your focus to projects that matter the most to you.


With our Self-Hosted option, we support you with the installation and updates of OU Campus. You retain control of the hardware, operating systems, servers, and networking. 

deployment options



For a CMS to be successful, user buy-in is of the utmost importance. We get it. We offer the most comprehensive training you'll find for your end users, administrators, and web developers, and we provide on-going training opportunities such as our annual user training conference, learning management system, and monthly Training Tuesdays.



  Webinar Training

We set you up for long-term success through personalized webinar training for your CMS admins, end-user trainers, and web developers.

  On-Site Training

Get on-site training on your campus or ours. Our instructors guide your users through OU Campus and how they will accomplish everyday tasks.

  Training Tuesdays

Our free monthly online classes offer tips and best practices to help you develop and maintain your site in OU Campus.

  Learning Management System

Our LMS helps users of all levels better learn the CMS through self-paced classes, videos, and quizzes.




Customer support is in our DNA. It's what sets us apart from other CMS providers. We have the most wide-ranging and accommodating support services, plus unmatched response times.

  Unlimited Tickets

Get as much help as you need through one-on-one support via phone, email, and webform, with an average response time of 30 minutes.

  Online Resources

Get help 24/7 with online access to our support site, HelpDesk, knowledge base, feedback forum, and API documentation.

  OmniUpdate Community Network

Our OmniUpdate Community Network is a central hub for OU Campus resources, forum discussions, announcements, and more.

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Professional Services

As your website needs evolve and grow, we're here to help you satisfy those needs. Whether it be adding functionality, re-working of your templates, bringing additional websites under OU Campus management, implementing a module, or custom scripting, we have the expertise to help you grow.

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  Modules Implementation

You have the option to implement many modules on your own for free using our GitHub repository starter code, or let our team do the implementation for you.

  OU Design Library

Our OU Design Library offers a number of pre-built templates that allow you to get up and running in OU Campus with a new design quickly.

  Custom Projects

What else does your web team have in mind? Let’s work together to explore options, from navigation needs and custom coding to server-side scripting.

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