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A Web CMS for Developers

OU Campus™ empowers developers to take the reins. Using open standards, APIs, and a powerful templating engine, developers can shape our OU Campus CMS to fit their needs.

Web developers want to develop. We get it! With heavy workloads and time constraints, the last thing you want is to get stuck with a web content management system (CMS) that is a "black box" surrounded by limitations or that's build with outdated technology and isn't flexible or extensible.OU Campus logo

You need a solution that utilizes the latest web technologies and gives you full access to all HTML, CSS, scripting, and templates. You also need a solution that allows you to take advantage of APIs to create new tools and extend the functionality of the CMS. Our OU Campus CMS allows for all that. Our GitHub repository has real, working code for course catalogs, faculty directories, dynamic navigation, and much more—all free for you to use.

Powerful and Flexible Templates

Support for responsive design is built right into OU Campus. Whether you're using a framework like Bootstrap, Foundation, or writing your own, your content adapts to all screen sizes and devices.

responsive design templatesTo create a template in OU Campus, you simply take your HTML and add a few simple XSLT commands. Your HTML becomes a true template, allowing in-context exiting and creation of new pages based on the layout. XSLT is designed to do what our customers are doing every day—transforming content into HTML, RSS feeds, PDFs, and more, all from a single publish in OU Campus. 

OU Campus uses XSLT 3.0, which is a vast improvement over older versions. It has more capabilities, it's faster, and it improves development productivity with conditional logic, try/catch functionality, user-defined functions, and additional efficiencies you just don’t get with other transformation languages.

With OU Campus, you can add dynamic server-side or client-side code to your templates to bring in content from external sources like databases, news and event feeds, and ERP systems to easily create course catalogs, faculty/staff/student directories, news rooms, and more.

Extensibility through APIs

As a developer, you can quickly build new features and easily connect to external applications that tie directly into OU Campus. A comprehensive set of RESTful APIs allows for deep integration and customization. You can communicate directly with the CMS or add extended functionality and custom user interfaces.

No-Hassle Navigation and Taxonomy

As your users build content in OU Campus, proper supporting elements are automatically created, including navigation, breadcrumbs, sub-navigation, and any other needed "include" elements. All content can be tagged with categories and keywords based on your taxonomy, allowing content to easily be shared and syndicated across your sites.

We chose the OU Campus system because it was super flexible. It allows us to do a lot of different things within the system and to really push the boundaries of what a CMS can do.

Jason Cash,  Director of Web Communications
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Get Under the Hood of OU Campus

  • Manage multiple content types in a single environment, including content in structured XML and legacy HTML
  • Publish to multiple server-side environments, such as HTML/HTML5/XHTML, PHP, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, and JSP
  • Publish to multiple targets to test server-side code, new redesigns, or any major site changes
  • Develop new features and connect to external apps easily with an expansive API library
  • Edit source code with configurable themes and syntax highlighting
  • Build your own gadgets to add contextual functions to the CMS
  • Access and modify content on the OU Campus staging server using WebDAV-compatible applications
  • Implement several OU Campus modules all on your own with free access to our GitHub repository
  • Collaborate with your peers in our developer community

 Ready to learn more?

Now that you have a teaser of how OU Campus empowers you to take the reins, check out the options below to dig deeper into how you and your team will benefit from OU Campus. Ready to see our CMS in action? Take the next step and request a demo.


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