• Technology & Development, Content Management

    Snippets: Your New Best Friend

    In OU Campus, a snippet is a pre-built chunk of code that non-technical users can easily add to a web page by clicking a button in the WYSIWYG Editor or dragging it from the Snippets Gadget. Whether you are using snippets to define formatting for a block of content or transforming a complex piece of HTML code, snippets are easily created, maintained, and adapted for any use.

  • Usability, Web Design

    The Welcoming Website Part 1: Accessibility and Universal Design

    Too often, taking steps to increase technological accessibility is a reactive solution to a student or faculty request or the threat of legal action rather than a normal part of the web design process. Conceptualizing your institution’s websites from a Universal Design perspective can have a meaningful impact on both the user experience and marketing efforts of your institution.

  • News & Events

    OU Marketplace: An In-Product Store for the OU Campus CMS

    OU Marketplace is now available in our OU Campus(TM) web content management system (CMS). We’re excited! Accessible via the OU Campus Add-Ons menu, OU Marketplace enables CMS administrators to quickly acquire marketing tools, such as an online course catalog or faculty directory, as well as cost-free gadgets like the Page Analytics Gadget and Workflow Gadget. Plus, using the OU Campus open API, outside developers can add features and gadgets to the marketplace.

  • News & Events

    Higher Ed Live Special Edition: The Higher Education Directory

    June’s Higher Ed Live Special Edition broadcast, “The Higher Education Directory,” revealed the challenges that colleges and universities face when it comes to their website directories. The show featured Dan Chase, who recently retired from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), and our very own Vinit Varghese, Implementation Manager at OmniUpdate, speaking with host Ashley Budd from Cornell University.

  • Content Management

    Essential Functionalities and Services for Your CMS: Ongoing Support

    “A relationship with your CMS vendor should not end after your implementation. The vendor should offer the highest level of customer service, allowing you to work without downtime and have peace of mind in the company’s ability to quickly come to the rescue when you need assistance. Customer support should also provide 24/7 coaching in the form of reference guides, videos and online courses that are readily available to you and your users.”

  • News & Events

    Introducing Breanna Scott, OmniUpdate's New Software Trainer

    OmniUpdate is growing! We are very proud to announce that we have a new Software Trainer who has joined our Training department. Please join us in welcoming Breanna Scott. Originally from Thousand Oaks, CA, she is excited to be back and to hear feedback and new ideas from our customers on how to better our support services.

  • News & Events

    Higher Ed Live Special Edition:
    Social Media and Your Website

    Another fantastic Higher Ed Live Special Edition broadcast transpired last month on using social media to gain website traffic. Titled “Communication United: Social Media and Your Website,” the show featured Donna Talarico-Beerman, formerly from Elizabethtown College (E-town), and Noelle Seybert from Pepperdine University, with host Erin Supinka from Dartmouth College. You can watch the recorded version now in the Higher Ed Live archives or you can keep reading for a brief summary.

  • Technology & Development, Web Design

    Top Responsive Design Frameworks

    Responsive design frameworks are not one size fits all. Is one framework better than the rest? Each framework has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on what you want to achieve with your design. Content management systems that offer true separation of content from design increase the flexibility of design layouts through templating.

  • Usability, Research

    Is Your Higher Ed Website

    Google is now placing much more emphasis on mobile-friendliness as part of their ranking algorithm. This is a good thing for users of Google, as it is now easier to find results that are optimized for whatever device someone is using. But, it could have an impact on websites that are considered not mobile-friendly. So how do you know if Google considers your website mobile-friendly?

  • News & Events

    OmniUpdate Presents: How to Handle the Google Mobilegeddon

    Join us for our webcast this Thursday, May 28, at 11:00 AM PT as we team up with Becky Vardaman and Robyn Anderson from Converge Consulting to discuss the impact of Google Mobilegeddon. Find out how to put a mobile-friendly plan in place to ensure your institution's website's SEO remains intact.


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