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  • Content Management

    Utilizing an Untapped Resource: Student Interns

    When you think about the website needs of most colleges and universities today, you can’t help but put hiring more staff at the top of that list. In many circumstances, however, there are a tremendous amount of hoops to jump through to make that a reality. But what if there was a way to get all the help you needed without taking a bite out of the budget or hiring full-time employees?

  • Content Management, Usability

    The Welcoming Website Part 4: Collaborating Across Campus

    I am happy to end my blog series on web accessibility with a post that focuses on collaboration, a cornerstone of Universal Design and disability activism. Like all other campus initiatives, ensuring that physical and digital spaces remain accessible requires cooperation from everyone on campus. Here are some ideas on how to make web accessibility a priority for your institution.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    New in OU Campus: Gadgets, Tag Management, Mobile Administration, and More

    Spring has sprung a little early here at OmniUpdate with the release of OU Campus™ version 10.4, which includes enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets that will enrich the user experience. Plus, we also are releasing OU Campus™ for Mobile, giving users administrative and workflow functionality on the go.

  • Web Design, Content Management

    Quick Fixes with Media Queries

    Most sites have it — that one strange screen width that sends your content shooting off the side of the display and into the next office. Or the font that doesn’t resize properly and pushes content down the page. It can happen to anyone. Here are a few tips on how to solve these issues in OU Campus. It's pretty basic stuff.

  • Content Management

    OU Campus Support Site: What Does It Do and Why Is It Here?

    You may be familiar with the OU Campus Support Site, or you may be a newbie. Either way, it’s good to get an overview of the basics so you can get the most out of the site, including how to access the site, navigation options, and user-level indicators.

  • Content Management

    Small Shop Blues: Technologies You Should Know

    When you’re in a small shop, you get the privilege of wearing a bunch of hats. If you are in the same situation or think you might be down the line, I’d like to give some advice on what skills to focus on in order to better support OU Campus and your users, as well as resources to get you started.

  • Content Management

    New in OU Campus: Quick Publish Gadget and Updated Workflow

    We get excited around here when new versions of our OU Campus content management system are released. Version 10.3.2, released on October 29, is no exception! The highlights from this update are the new Quick Publish Gadget and an improved user interface for workflow.

  • Usability, Content Management

    Get Found! How to Optimize Your Web Content for Search Engines

    Search engines serve millions of people per day looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. As colleges, we want those people to find the answers and solutions we provide. SEO is a way to optimize web pages so search engines understand them better. Once implemented, SEO keeps the visitors coming and effectively does the promotion for you!

  • Content Management

    Small Shop Blues: Getting Your CMS Users to Help Themselves

    We’ve taken the “do more with less” thing to heart here and our web team consists of me and the other guy. Delegation and content management are some of the more obvious ways OU Campus helps us, but if you really want to maximize your time, getting your OU Campus users to help themselves is probably the place where you can make the most impact.

  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    Snippets: Your New Best Friend

    In OU Campus, a snippet is a pre-built chunk of code that non-technical users can easily add to a web page by clicking a button in the WYSIWYG Editor or dragging it from the Snippets Gadget. Whether you are using snippets to define formatting for a block of content or transforming a complex piece of HTML code, snippets are easily created, maintained, and adapted for any use.


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