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  • Content Management

    Analytics Gadgets: Data at Your Fingertips

    It’s no secret that web analytics are the essential tool you need to unlock the mysteries of web visitors. Without analytics, you have little chance of understanding where visitors came from and what they are doing when they arrive. Welcome the integration of OU Campus and Google Analytics.

  • Usability, Content Management

    Top Ten for Version 10

    No blog would be complete without at least one top ten list! My list of top ten features in OU Campus version 10 includes modernized interface, icons, drag-and-drop functionality, notifications, reports integration and standardization, and the list goes on. What took the number one spot on the list? You’ll have to read on to find out!

  • Content Management

    Small Web Team: When Buying a CMS Makes Sense (Part III)

    The web used to be seen as a task or project belonging to either IT or Marketing. There is only a minor reference to it in their long list of responsibilities. Then one day they realize they've been ambushed. They find themselves accountable, perhaps unofficially, for what's happening on the web. Everyone expects them to do their full-time jobs and make their part of the website amazing... yet no one cares how. These people need help!

  • Content Management

    Small Web Team: When Buying a CMS Makes Sense (Part II)

    A good developer is worth his or her weight in gold. We can never have enough of them. But, if an institution has a small web team, there may be too much work or responsibility on the shoulders of too few. Especially if the developer decides to go on vacation or, even worse, leave. And let's face it... a great developer is in high demand.

  • Content Management

    Small Web Team: When Buying a CMS Makes Sense (Part I)

    Some institutions simply need to get their current site up and running with a CMS as quickly as possible. This need for speed is often driven by a higher institutional mandate such as improving site security or web accessibility, adding mobile or online catalog capabilities, or simply getting their content and branding under control. Their current solution may lack the functionality to get it done quickly or is simply too difficult for their content contributors to use.

  • Content Management

    Ready to Join the Social Media Mashup?

    In today's social world, media feeds are scattered and visitors have to navigate away from your website to get the latest scoop. Why not keep them on your site to get updates? Our newest module for our OU Campus web content management system does just that. OU Mashup creates an interactive focal point for social engagement on your website.

  • Content Management

    Getting Your Users to Love Change
    (or at Least Kind of Accept It)

    Technology is all about change. Those who work with it know that fact and accept it as part of the job. How well does your campus accept change? You might just be starting out with OU Campus, or you might be making the move to version 10 of the CMS. Either way, it's a good thing to strategize and figure out how to ease your users into the change that's coming.

  • Content Management, Usability

    It's Time to Take Your Course Catalog Online

    It's the end of spring. What does that mean in the academic world? The new school year is on the horizon, which makes now the perfect time to consider improving your online course catalog. Did you know that OmniUpdate has helped more than two dozen colleges and universities automate their catalog?

  • Content Management

    Web Governance: Are You Building a Bridge to Nowhere?

    Today, every higher education institution has some form of web governance. But is your institution doing it right? And what does it have to do with a web content management system (CMS)? The key is that your web governance and CMS processes should be tightly linked, as both are working toward the same goal—better web content and better management of that content.

  • Content Management

    Snippets Gadget: Inserting
    Pre-Defined Content with Ease

    Inserting snippets just got a whole lot easier with version 10. The Snippets Gadget is a sidebar tool that you can use to drag and drop pre-formatted content onto a page. Snippets can be added to an editable region within the WYSIWYG Editor and while editing within the Source Editor. The Snippets Gadget helps streamline the editing process. And anything that makes life easier is a good thing.


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